2019 Southern Italy Tours

Who comes on Feast on History tours

Feast On History's tours are designed for people who ordinarily wouldn't choose to go on a tour. Our guests are curious, thoughtful people of all ages who want to get away from the big tourist sites and feel immersed in the local culture. Guests frequently comment how they never would have been able to find the places we visit without our local expertise. 

  • You want to get off the proverbial beaten path and go where the Italians go. Our tours are crafted to showcase restaurants, farms and sites that aren't always in guidebooks and that are beloved only to locals. We go where the Italians go.

  • You want an authentic experience of Italian life, but also really want to enjoy being away from home and work. We let you sleep late and craft each day to have a nice balance of relaxing and sightseeing. Some days we might get up early (9am is usually our earliest departure time), but we balance it out the next day with a morning to sleep in or enjoy cappuccino on your own private terrace.

  • You don't speak Italian, but would still like to get to know real Italians. You're in the care of our Italian family who will treat you as family. All the people we collaborate with for our tours are people we know, like and trust as friends.

  • You don't want to deal with driving or train schedules. We have our own driver for the week so you don't have to worry about figuring out how to get to all these off-the-beaten path places or drive along mountain or coastal roads. He lives in the area and knows all the special roads where we can enjoy a sea view or see the ancient walls of a city, and he knows the very best place to stop for gelato in all of Southern Italy.

  • You want to eat and drink the very best, most local thing in every place you go, but don't have the time to spend months researching food blogs to figure it all out. We pick the places and select the best of what is most characteristic of the place, the freshest, in-season or the specialty of the house. We balance fancy restaurant meals with rustic home cooking.

  • You love art and museums, but... not for hours on end. You want to know about a place, but you don't want to have to read every label. We believe a great museum is followed by an even better meal. We design our cultural visits to be engaging experiences mixed with food and wine experiences.

Where other tour operators in the region accept between 20-40 guests per tour, our groups accept a maximum of 14 guests. Past guests include singles, couples, adult children traveling with parents and couples celebrating anniversaries. Guests have ranged from 24-80 years of age. 

We are a family business and our guest reviews attest to how each guest is treated as a member of our own family.