Small Group Tours of Campania 2017-2018

Feast on History™ leads small group tours of the Campania region of Southern Italy. Our tours are crafted for people who don't normally like to take tours. We don't hop on and off of a bus all day long, elbow through crowds of tourists or follow a tour guide reading from a script and carrying a yellow umbrella.

Our small group tours are designed to introduce you to people and places that are not in the guidebooks or on the itinerary of the big tour companies. We take you to the places that our Italian friends and family love best. 

Feast On History Campania Tours

We don't tour Italy, we live Italy.  

  • Each of our food, wine and art focused tours are led by Danielle Oteri, art historian and Christian Galliani, a sommelier.
  • We take cooking classes with local chefs and farmers.
  • We learn about wine directly from the winemakers.
  • We walk on ancient ruins and learn about them from an art historian.
  • We immerse ourselves in the local landscape and cuisine and experience an authentic Southern Italian life.

Learn more about Danielle, Christian and Borgo La Pietraia...

Would you like us to plan a tour for your group? We can customize food, wine and art focused tours of Campania for you that are led by us or enjoyed independently. Contact for more information.