Feast On History uses food, wine and art to explore the rich history of the Cilento. This tour has been crafted for curious travelers who want to eat and drink like the locals do in this beautiful, rural and coastal corner of Southern Italy.

Guests wake up to clear views of the Tyrrhenian Sea from their own private terrace. They walk the ruins of the majestic Greek temples at Paestum with an art historian, then experience the architecture of Zaha Hadid in Salerno. Every day of this 7-night/8-day tour has been designed to reveal the underpinnings of this culturally rich region.

For more information send an email to danielle@feastonhistory.com or call 917-881-3918.

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Day 1: We pick you up in Rome and drive you to our home in the countryside, Borgo La Pietraia

Day 2: Visit Tenuta Vannulo to taste the best mozzarella in Italy followed by a wine tasting at San Salvatore and a 5-course dinner in their tasting room.

Day 3: Explore Acciaroli where Hemingway once lived, Castellabate regarding as one of Italy's most beautiful villages and Agropoli, all the spectacular Cilento coast.

Day 4: Learn to cook from a Baronessa at her farmhouse, then dine with her friends as we feast together on the 5-course lunch that we prepared.

Day 5: Travel to Amalfi for the day by ferry, then explore the historic center of Salerno.

Day 6: Visit the 6th century B.C. temples at Paestum, then travel inland to Velia, home of the Eleatic School of Greek philosophers. Dinner is at a rustic trattoria in the medieval town of Trentinara.

Day 7: Travel an underground river by boat to explore the Angel Caves at Pertosa. In the afternoon we'll travel to San Lorenzo di Padula, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 8: Arrivederci, depart Borgo La Pietraia for Rome at 10am.